If you have a special event coming up, you might have reserved a banquet hall. These venues are used for several types of events, such as weddings, parties, and even family reunions. Once you have booked the hall, you might wonder how you should decorate it for your special occasion. The way you decorate can make all the difference and there are many options available, so have fun.

Themed Decorating For Banquet Halls

Deciding on a central event theme will help make your event shine. Themes can be as simple as a specific color palette or as focused as a certain character. Themes for weddings are often classic and elegant, with white and gold colors. Children’s birthday parties might revolve around a particular TV show. Regardless of your event type, you can choose any central theme you would like for the banquet hall. There is no need to stick to the norms when it comes to decorating for your occasion.

Choosing A Centerpiece

Your centerpiece should reflect the theme you have chosen for your event. Guests notice the showpieces at their tables and draw conclusions about the type of event you are hosting. Flowers in elegant vases give off a classic and tasteful vibe. Brightly colored centerpieces tell guests that your occasion is bold and lively. Depending on the size and shape of the tables, you might opt for one large centerpiece or several smaller ones. Utilizing multiple smaller centerpieces is often preferred for longer tables. A single centerpiece is preferred for round tables.

It’s Not Just About the Tables

Many people focus on decorating the tables at banquet halls and forget the other areas. Hanging up lights and decorating the walls and windows contribute to the room’s overall aesthetic. Some people choose to hang decor from the ceilings or bring statues and other showpieces into the room. Featuring a board of family photos is a popular decor choice for family reunions. Paper lanterns and swirls are popular to hang from ceilings at birthday parties.

Coordinate All Aspects Of The Event

If you are showcasing an elegant and classical theme at the banquet hall, serving elegant food will complement the experience. If the tables do not perfectly align with your theme or desired ambiance, you can choose table coverings that will coordinate well with the mood you are trying to set.

Consider The Date And Time Of Your Event

If your event is in the evening, extra lighting would be beneficial. For bright atmospheres, artificial lighting works well. For a classic and elegant atmosphere, candles are a nice touch that will not create overly bright tones. See if your chosen venue offers a view of the sunset in the evenings.

Let the Venue Decorate For You

Some venues will provide decor for your event. This can save you time and money. It is also beneficial if you do not consider yourself a good decorator. If you would like the venue to provide the decorations for the banquet hall, check to see if they offer this service before booking. Knowing what types of decor they offer and what themes the decor best represents will help you make the best decision when booking.

South Florida Banquet Halls

Galuppi’s venue has undergone major renovations, making it a much-desired South Florida banquet hall. Our rooms can accommodate more than 300 guests and offer spectacular views of the golf course.

Check out our venue offerings or call us at 954-785-0226 to learn how our banquet hall can make your event one to remember.