Make Your Valentine’s Day Dinner Magical With These Top Tips

valentine's day dinner

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which may have you scratching your head for ideas. What can you do to make it a dinner worth remembering? Eating together is a part of regular life, but adding a few special touches can make a lasting impression on the one you love. Keep reading for 12 tips on how to dish up a Valentine’s Day dinner that will sweep them off their feet.

1. Pick The Perfect Place

Choosing a romantic location is all about the senses. Whether it’s the sparkle of stars echoing on the surface of a river, city lights from a rooftop, or a cozy restaurant with soft jazz in the background, choose a place you know your partner will love. Aim for a secluded spot that gives you lots of privacy and freedom from distractions so that you can focus on each other.

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2. Atmosphere Is Everything

Once you’ve got a gorgeous location, weave an intimate ambiance to up the romance level. Candles are a must! They create soft light, that is both flattering and soothing. Consider going unscented for dinner table candles as a strong scent may clash with the aromas of the food. Fairy lights are versatile little dashes of romance. You can trail them along balustrades or wind them around tree trunks for an extra touch of magic.

3. Personalized Playlists

Music is a powerful mood-creator. Create a playlist of songs that bring back the moments. What was playing when you shared a first kiss? What song makes you think of your partner every time it plays? Add them! Or go live, and book a band box to enjoy your partner’s favorite band. Knowing what makes them happy goes a long way to creating a perfect evening.

valentine's day

4. Go All Out With A Romantic Table Setting

You know the tableware that is kept only for special occasions? This is the moment to dust off that box of crockery! Elevate the occasion with elegant glassware, fine linen tablecloths, a few fresh flowers, and a sprinkling of petals. Set out small dishes of heart-shaped chocolates and add a few personal touches such as photographs of your memories together.

5. Food For The Heart And Soul

Including your partner’s favorite foods on the menu is a sign of your loving attention. Go multi-course with appetizers, mains, and a sweet treat at the end. Pairing each course with a suitable wine, champagne or non-alcoholic beverage is a thoughtful addition.

If you’d prefer to spend more time with your partner than fussing with food, view our menus and book a Valentine’s Day table at Galuppi’s. We’ll take care of the rest.

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6. Do Dress Up

Ladies, you know that dress that always puts a smile on his face? Wear it! Guys, does your partner love it when you roll up your sleeves? You know what to do. Think about your hair, grooming, and make-up. Don’t rush to get dressed, but take time. As you linger on perfecting your appearance, you’ll soon find your mood will catch up, and you’ll be ready to spend the night doting on your partner.

7. Conversation That Connects

Be intentional about the conversation over dinner. While this may seem obvious, making an evening romantic can take planning. It’s easy to slip into talking about the stuff of life … the dishes, walking the dog, or who keeps leaving dirty socks on the floor. Make a list of off-limits conversations and make up fun fines for breaking the rules, such as a foot massage for your partner.

To make deeper conversation easier, make up question cards ahead of time and have them on the table between you. Include questions such as:

  • What attracted you to me first?
  • Name one thing I do that makes you love me more.
  • Is there one thing you’d change in our relationship and why?
  • Can you remember our first argument, and have you changed your opinion?
  • What did you like doing as a child that you no longer do?
  • Name three things you think we have in common.
  • Can you describe your favorite memory of us?
  • What makes you feel peaceful?
valentine's day dinner

8. Sprinkle Surprises

Valentine’s Day dinner dates are all about the creativity! Plan for little surprises for your partner throughout the evening. You might package up small gifts or write a series of love letters that trace your journey together. Plan a small scavenger hunt that ends with a coin in their hand at a lover’s fountain or the ticket booth to a theatre show they’ve been wanting to see.

9. Indulge In A Decadent Dessert

Let your culinary creativity run wild when it comes to serving up dessert. You may opt for tiny, bite-sized squares of mini-desserts. That way, you get to sample a wide variety of sweet treats without feeling too full. Finish up with a cup of Irish Coffee, a cappuccino, or a nightcap to round out your Valentine’s Day dinner date.

valentine's day

10. Enjoy The After-Dinner Glow

Dinner doesn’t have to be the end of your evening together. Consider doing something romantic that finishes off the evening in an unexpected and delightful way. Maybe take a moonlight stroll through a nearby park, or stargaze from a mountaintop on a picnic blanket. Watch a sweet rom-com, or cuddle to the sounds of your favorite artist. Don’t be quick to rush through the evening; linger and enjoy each other’s company.

11. Go Phone-Free

Leave your phones face-down during dinner. Digital devices are distracting and can take you out of the moment in a few seconds flat. If you have to be available for a babysitter, set their ringtone as something unique and ignore all other messages and calls. Giving each other undivided attention is an art that is worth practicing. The rewards you’ll reap as a couple are beyond what you can imagine!

12. Get Home Safely

If you’re planning to eat out and enjoy a few drinks, consider how you’ll be getting home at the end of the evening. Traveling by taxi or booking a buddy to be your driver can ensure that your magical night ends as happily as it started.

Let Galuppi’s Create The Romance!

You are one phone call away from a completely magical Valentine’s Day Dinner at Galuppi’s. We know how to weave romance into our Valentine’s Day dinner specials. Take your pick of romantic locations, delicious menu options, and drinks to complement each course. For a dreamy evening that you and your partner won’t forget, contact us today and experience love the Galuppi’s way!


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