Sports enthusiasts and NFL fans are gearing up for another exciting season. And while NFL teams prepare to face off in real life, another community of football lovers is preparing for NFL Fantasy Football.

It’s Fantasy Football draft season, meaning you’ll need a hotspot to host your Fantasy Football draft party. As you start planning for your virtual football teams, book your draft party at Galuppi’s in Pompano Beach!

The NFL Fantasy Football Phenomenon

If you’re new to Fantasy Football draft season, here are some of the basics to know. Whether you’re hosting or participating in your first draft, you might have some questions. These tend to be the most frequently asked questions about Fantasy Football in general and drafting for your Fantasy Football teams.

What Is Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is a game where participants gather in pools and parties to act as owners and GMs for virtual pro-American football teams. It’s a multi-player fantasy sport that is interactive and open to anyone interested in playing. This competition involves participants choosing their rosters of players based on active NFL players in the same manner that a traditional draft happens. This is your chance to demonstrate your football club managerial skills as you select a squad of 15. Once the virtual teams are assembled, games ensue in real life, dictating winners of the Fantasy Football pools. And those who have winning teams usually earn pre-determined pool prize money.

How Does the Fantasy Draft Work?

The more standard Fantasy Football draft works in a “snake” drafting order. Once each participating team makes a player pick, the draft order reverses for the next round. When it’s your turn to pick, you’re essentially “on the clock” to choose your NFL players. Alternatively, in a Salary Cap draft, players become nominated in a more linear order.

Can You Win Money?

Yes, you can win prize money with Fantasy Football play. If your particular squad lineup earns enough points, you can win big. Even those virtual teams that don’t come in first are still eligible for winnings. And even more appealing is that there isn’t a season-long commitment to your draft picks. You can draft a new Fantasy Football team weekly and get a chance at winning prizes within your pool.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategies and Suggestions

There is a lot of advice out there about how best to draft your Fantasy Football players. But here’s a short list of solid suggestions from ESPN about choosing players and giving yourself a better chance to win.

  • Focus on quarterbacks and prioritize choosing strong QBs first.
  • Choose quarterbacks who have strong legs.
  • It’s ok to choose your wide receiver and running back selections upfront, too.
  • Put more emphasis on player value instead of choosing those you like when stacking your teams.
  • Don’t stress about choosing defense and special teams because they’ll have less impact on your overall outcomes since they’ll be based on your opponent than their abilities.
  • Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of selecting your tight end early versus playing the waiting game.

Tips for Hosting a Great Fantasy Football Draft

If you’re hosting a Pompano Beach, Florida, Fantasy Football draft, there are a few tips to consider. Follow these suggestions to make sure your NFL get-together is fantastic!

  • Start marketing and spreading the word about your Fantasy Football draft party early using social media, scheduling apps, and reminders.
  • Book a local hotspot venue with a great atmosphere and plenty of room for participants to gather.
  • Make accommodations for plenty of mouth-watering food and assorted beverages.
  • Prepare your Fantasy Football draft boards, preferably with colors and organization, for easy viewing and changes.
  • Winners and losers deserve prizes, so make sure you have plenty of both to share.
  • Don’t forget to bring your timers to keep your 30 seconds of draft time.

Why Galuppi’s Is the Best Venue for the NFL Fantasy Draft

So, where does everyone go to host their Fantasy Football draft in Pompano Beach, Florida? They go to Galuppi’s, of course! Galuppi’s is South Florida’s hotspot for all kinds of fun, including live music, incredible food, and stunning views.

Galuppi’s is home to more than 20 TVs, ensuring that every corner is a perfect vantage point to watch all the thrilling action.  Along with an inside projector and outside Jumbotron you can experience your NFL team like no other.

It’s a Restaurant and Patio Bar

Host your Fantasy Football draft at Galuppi’s because it’s a great patio bar and delicious restaurant! All that competitive draft picking is going to make you and your friends hungry and thirsty.

Let us enhance your game day experience with our beer bucket and drink specials that last all season long.  Indulge your taste buds in a tantalizing array of football-style appetizers, including saucy chicken wings with various delectable flavors that leave you licking your fingers in delight.

Stay for the Live Music

Come to Galuppi’s to host your Fantasy Football draft, but then stay for the fun! Once your group is finished drafting fantasy players and hashing out the week’s draft picks, stick around for live entertainment.

Make Galuppi’s Your NFL Draft Headquarters

It’s easy to see why Galuppi’s is also a top favorite venue for special events and it’s the perfect hotspot to host your Fantasy Football draft.  When you’re ready to get together with your pals and colleagues for some friendly and competitive NFL team-picking, do it in style at Galuppi’s!

Start coordinating your Fantasy Football draft now and make plans to host it at Galuppi’s! Give us a call at 954-785-0226 with any questions.