A baby shower is a memorable day for parents to be, family, and friends. However, planning the event can sometimes be stressful, especially when choosing the baby shower venue. We’ve put together some ideas for choosing a venue and making the event planning easier.​​​​​​

Budget, Guest List, and Baby Shower Venue Size​​​​​​

Your budget, guest list, and venue size all go together.​​​​​​

Determining how many people to invite should be your first step, making it much easier to plan your budget. But don’t plan your budget just yet – take another look at the guest list first. Does the host, mom-to-be, or another potential host have a space big enough to accommodate everyone comfortably? If not, you will need to shop for a venue and plan your budget accordingly.​​​​​​

A plus of booking a venue is that other expenses may be included in the price. For example, they may offer catering or decorations, taking care of some important details you would otherwise need to figure out on your own.​​​​​​

In addition to whether a certain venue can accommodate all your guests, you’ll also need to make sure the parking lot will, too – or at least come close. If there won’t be room for everyone in the venue’s parking lot, pay attention to the available parking. Note if guests can use a parking garage or street parking nearby, and how much it will cost to park there

Venue Location, Event Time, and Amenities​​​​​​

You’ll want to choose a baby shower venue near most of the guests. More people will join in the festivities if the party is convenient for them to get to.​​​​​​

Holding the baby shower on a date and time that works for most people who have been invited will also help maximize turnout. Weekends are popular for hosting these events, but depending on schedules and budget, it may be preferable to have the baby shower take place on a weekday evening, for example. Additionally, an evening event will allow you to enjoy the sunset. Hosting the shower on a holiday weekend may not be a good idea, as many people may already have plans.​​​​​​

Consider the desired ambiance of the event. Do you want an indoor or outdoor venue, or both? Would you prefer a quiet, intimate space or somewhere you and your guests can enjoy music and let loose? Do you have a theme and decorations in mind, or would it be easier if the venue supplies decorations?​​​​​​

Food and drinks are other things your chosen baby shower venue may be able to provide. That way, you won’t have to arrange catering and will have more time to arrange other details.​​​​​​

For the parts of the baby shower that you will be handling yourself, you can check out Galuppi’s preferred vendor directory for a list of local bakeries, DJs, photographers, florists, and other service providers to help you get started with your search

Venue Tours​​​​​​

Before you decide and choose your baby shower venue, it’s a good idea to take a tour of each of your favorite venues. This will allow you to imagine yourself and your guests in the space, determine whether the setting matches what you have in mind, and figure out which venue will give you the most baby shower for your budget. ​

Why Choose Galuppi’s?​​​​​​

Galuppi’s is a restaurant and event venue staffed by experienced personnel, from chefs to catering specialists. We know what it takes to make your special day spectacular.​​​​​​

We offer both indoor and outdoor venues. Both have great views of bridges, fountains, lakes, and the surrounding golf course. We can also accommodate if you can’t decide between an indoor or outdoor setting.​​​​​​

We can set you up with a catering expert who will help you curate a menu to suit your and your guests’ liking and dietary needs. ​​​​​​

Our parking lot can accommodate large parties, and valet service is available.​​​​​​

We have a great location in Pompano Beach, Florida. We are next to the Pompano Beach Municipal Golf Course and the Pompano Beach Airpark. You can get to us in less than 20 minutes from Fort Lauderdale and less than an hour from Miami or West Palm Beach.​​​​​​

We invite you to schedule a tour of our property so we can show you – not just tell you – all the reasons why Galuppi’s is your best choice for a baby shower venue.