Small weddings are trending as many people have had to scale down their ‘big white dream wedding’ over the past couple of years. Others have realized the beauty and intimacy in a smaller and more intimate wedding experience.

A smaller wedding celebration is an opportunity to emphasize quality over quantity in various ways. Instead of paying more for elaborate decor, focus on small details that will make a lasting impact on your special day. Below we share what makes a small wedding and some tips for how to make the best out of it.

What Is Considered A Small Wedding?

A small wedding means that the guest list size is significantly smaller than a large wedding. You’d aim to invite a total of 50 guests or less to a smaller celebration. Small weddings can mean that you shorten the full-day experience to a half-day or even just a tea-time wedding. Going big for your wedding is overrated, depending on your personality, budget, and personal priorities as a couple. Some even skip the party and just enjoy the ceremony as the main event.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a smaller wedding, Galuppi’s caters to your tailored wedding from start to finish. Below are some of our tips for planning a smaller gathering of your most beloved people.

Be Selective With Your Guest List

As one of the contributing factors to a ‘small’ marriage celebration is the number of guests, you will need to pay extra attention to who gets a seat at the table. Consider very carefully who gets to bring a plus one, maybe just for family and bridal party? It depends on who’s on your list and how many the numbers become with or without plus ones.

Carefully consider the family members you want present. You might even decide to stream the wedding for others who aren’t able to make it physically. If you do that, you could shift certain people onto the remote guest list so that they’re honored to be invited but don’t take up space.

Find The Perfect Wedding Venue

The perfect wedding venue means everything to a couple ready to leap into the next chapter of their relationship. Your wedding venue can assist with many different parts of the planning process, and there may also be a limit on the guest list, making it helpful to narrow down whose invited.

Finding the best and most beautiful wedding venue is easy with Galuppi’s. Our space caters for small and larger events, which means as a smaller party, you’ll have room to spread out if you need to.

Create An Intimate Atmosphere

Personalized wedding stationery and many other small, intentional details can help to create an intimate wedding atmosphere. When you’re having a smaller ceremony or celebration, you can focus on specific beautiful details that will help to create a more intimate atmosphere. Check out Galuppi’s preferred vendor list for photographers, videographers, bakeries, DJ services, and more.

Try to get your guests involved in the wedding; for example, with a smaller gathering, your rehearsal dinner can include more guests. You could even plan a weekend get-together when you have fewer guests to create a memorable time celebrating your nuptials.

You Can Dream It, and We Can Make It Happen!

Galuppi’s offers a refined and flexible choice of wedding venue. With access to a host of unique features and tailored venue settings, we cater to everyone’s taste. Not to mention the spectacular views and other perks of dining at our special location. With the highly professional and trained staff at your hand, your wedding day or weekend is sure to be one in a million.

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