The final special event before the big day is the wedding rehearsal dinner. For any event to be successful, it needs to be properly planned. We’ve put together a guideline for planning the wedding rehearsal dinner in five easy steps.

5 Steps To Planning A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding rehearsal dinners generally take place on the night before the wedding. This event is designed to kick off the wedding festivities and iron out last-minute kinks.

Five steps to ensure that all goes according to the plan include the following:

Establish Who Will Be Hosting The Event

The rehearsal dinner was traditionally always hosted by the groom’s parents, as the bride’s parents paid for the wedding. Nowadays, the dinner is either hosted by the groom’s parents, the bridal couple, or a combination of parents and the couple.

The conversation about who will be paying for the event needs to happen before any formal planning is done. Setting clear financial boundaries upfront will prevent any bad feelings and awkward conversations later.

Decide On The Guest List

In most cases, not all the guests are invited to the rehearsal dinner. Although times have changed, and the guest list may now vary, the rehearsal dinner was traditionally reserved for:

  • The parents and grandparents of the bride and groom.
  • The bridal party.
  • The photographer and videographer.

The invitation may be formal or informal (an email or phone call), but it needs to be done at least four to six weeks before the event. Always insist on an RSVP, and never assume who will or won’t attend. Once you know who will attend, you can decide on the theme, final budget, and venue.

Decide On The Theme And Budget

Wedding rehearsal dinners come in many forms. They can be casual or formal, large or intimate. Some couples like to personalize the dinner and make it a lot less formal than the main event (the wedding), while others want it to be as formal as the wedding. The theme and size of the event will depend on the available budget.

When deciding on the theme, think about:

  • How long you want the event to last. Most rehearsal dinners last about two to three hours.
  • Will guests be standing around with snacks, or seated around a table?
  • Whether there will be formal speeches, and who will make them?

Book The Venue

When choosing a venue, take the following into account:

  • The date and time. If the venue cannot accommodate your exact date and time, do not consider being put on a waiting list. This is not the time to be rushing around making last-minute plans.
  • The venue must be near the wedding venue/guests’ accommodation. This makes planning the event easier and also accommodates guests who have traveled from out of town.
  • Are you wanting a venue with a live band?
  • If you have speeches or a slide show planned, does the venue have the equipment, or must you bring your own?

Plan The Menu

When considering food options, you should figure out:

  • Will the food be served, or will it be a buffet?
  • Are there any special dietary requirements? If so, those need to be specified and communicated early.

Planning Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner In South Florida

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