Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now begins the long-awaited wedding planning journey. When beginning your planning, it’s important to know what questions to ask a wedding venue to determine if it’s best fit for your special day.

At Galuppi’s, we specialize in weddings of all sizes in South Florida. Our indoor/outdoor private or semi-private spaces offer stunning views of lakes, gardens, bridges, and more.

Taking time to prepare a list of questions to ask wedding reception venues allows you to make the most informed decision for your special day. When you have a short list of venues, these answers can help you decide where you will celebrate your union.

What are Some of the Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue?

Whether a wedding venue is ADA-compliant or if there’s enough parking for your guests, each couple will have some factors that are most important for their wedding. Questions like: Is there a space for a cocktail hour? Will there be a dressing room to store belongings, get ready before a ceremony, or change throughout the night?

Is there a hotel close by, and will there be a shuttle for guests? Also, are there charges for drop-offs ahead of your event? Of course, these questions won’t be important to every couple, but they can help you start brainstorming what things are most important to you.

Questions About Restrictions

Asking wedding reception venues about any restrictions is important as it ensures there is no surprise on your big day.

Questions to consider about restrictions include:

  • Do you have a liquor license?
  • Can they serve just wine and beer? If so, can you stock the bar yourself?
  • Do I have to book professionals for the event from their list, or can I choose anyone I want?
  • Are there any decor restrictions like confetti?
  • Also, is there a restriction on how many weddings you allow in one day? This is important if you don’t want your guests to see another event being taken down on their arrival.

Questions About Finances

Some questions you should consider about finances include:

  • What is the required deposit for my event?
  • Is there a cancelation fee?
  • How far ahead do I have to notify you of a cancelation?
  • Is there a refund policy?
  • Are there hidden fees like corkage, cake-cutting, gratuity, or other service charges?
  • Does the venue have liability insurance?

Questions About Food & Drinks

Perhaps the biggest topic of a big day is the food and drinks associated with it. Some things to ask wedding reception venues during your search for the perfect place for your big day include:

  • Can I hire outside vendors?
  • Do you have a cake baker onsite?
  • Do you offer a buffet-style service, or can you offer caterers that serve the table?
  • Will there be coffee and tea readily available throughout the night for non-drinkers?

Plan Your Big Day At a Professional South Florida Wedding Venue

Galuppi’s offers a beautiful setting for any wedding in and around Pompano Beach. We work with some of the best local vendors, including photographers, florists, videographers, bakeries, DJs, and more. During your visit, you can ask us any questions about our venue to ensure that we are the perfect place for your wedding.

We offer different wedding packages to suit the needs of every special occasion. Best of all, we are centrally located at the Fort Lauderdale Airport and just off US-1, which makes things easier for your guests. To schedule a time to visit our beautiful venue, call us at 954-785-0226.