What’s better than gathering with your friends and family to watch a big game? Watching your favorite team on a Jumbotron! True fans know that win or lose, the viewing experience is one of the most important parts.

With a giant, LED screen, your viewing experience can be just as good as front-row seats. Maybe even better, because you can see with crystal clarity, thanks to highly innovative technology.

If you can’t be at the game, watching on a Jumbotron is the next best thing, here’s why you should consider one for your next watch party.

LED Displays Show All The Highlights

These huge LED displays are also referred to as “video walls” in which you can display whatever you want. Many companies use them for advertising, but they’re also great for sports fans. Sporting events often use Jumbotrons in the following ways:

  • The screens show the entire game for everyone who couldn’t be there in person
  • They can be used as a scoreboard
  • You can see replays of the game up close and in slow motion
  • You can see shots of the crowd, guests, speakers, and other activities throughout the game
  • You can see all the best highlight reels or promotions
  • The big screens help draw people to your sporting event at a bar, private viewing party, or another special venue
  • They give valuable screen time to sponsors

Benefits of watching your favorite team on a Jumbotron

Sports on a Jumbotron are the next best thing if you can’t get tickets to see the game. They allow more people to see the event, including the parts not normally seen – especially if the seats aren’t that great.

Watching your favorite team is more fun and interactive since you can fit all your favorite people in one room. This makes it easier to interact than if you were all seated in a row in the stadium!

No obstruction like people in front of you getting up to use the bathroom or get another drink will block your view of the field when the screen takes up an entire wall

Sports On Jumbotron In South Florida

You can easily have the best viewing party in South Florida when you watch on a Jumbotron screen. Have your next watch party at Galuppi’s by booking a rental space at our facility. You’ll get great views and great food and drinks for everyone on your list.

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