Why Is Golf So Popular In South Florida?

pompano golf course

South Florida is known for many things: scenic views, beautiful weather, and golf. At one point, 20 of the top 30 ranked golfers in the world called South Florida home. There are so many golf courses, you could visit a different course every day and not play on the same one again for three years. In addition, professional golf associations such as the PGA and LPGA call Florida home.

What makes South Florida a popular golf destination? What does it have that other states don’t?

4 Reasons Why Golf Lovers Choose South Florida

There are four reasons why golf is popular in South Florida: the weather, the vegetation, the number of courses, and the design of these golf courses.

1.     Weather

Florida is known for its sunny weather. The year-round sun makes Florida an attractive destination for golfers looking to escape the winter weather. The tropical climate allows for golf to be a four-season sport.

Whatever sort of course or golf event you’re looking for, you can find it here.  Charity golf events, professional tournaments, senior and recreational golf, and golf schools are abundant.

2.     Vegetation

When you think of golf courses, you think of luscious grass. Golf courses are known for their impressive greenery, and Florida is not lacking.  The humidity and sun create beautiful green vegetation for fairways and putting greens.

In addition, the Florida weather is the perfect climate for the most well-known Florida plant: palm trees. No image of Florida golf courses is complete without these stately beauties surrounding the tees.

3.     Number Of Courses

The weather conditions and flat terrain creates a high demand for fairways. Retired northerners who call Florida home also contribute to the need for golf courses.  These “snowbirds” actively seek out retirement homes with built-in golf courses.

Florida has 1,300 private, public, and resort golf courses. The sheer number of golf courses makes South Florida a paradise for professional and amateur golfers alike.

4.     Design Of The Courses

Each of the 1,300 golf courses are unique. Designers and developers have made beautiful golf courses with amazing backdrops and stunning scenery. Exclusive housing developments and luxurious resorts back up to and surround golf clubs. With beautiful Florida palm trees and glistening waterfalls as the backdrop, stunning links are par for the course.

Pompano Beach: One of the Most Popular South Florida Golf Courses

One of the most famous golf courses in South Florida is Pompano Beach. This course was renovated and redesigned in 2012. When it reopened in January 2013, it did so to rave reviews from avid golfers.

This state-of-the-art course offers a variety of features, including:

  • A 6,577-yard course from the longest tee
  • A fully-stocked shop
  • A learning center to improve your game
  • Professional instruction programs, weekly junior clinics, and junior golf programs
  • An all-inclusive dining experience at the clubhouse from Galuppi’s restaurant

Hitting the Green At Pompano Beach Golf Course? Visit Galuppi’s!

Are you visiting South Florida to enjoy one of its many golf courses? Not only will you enjoy a spectacular round of golf, but you can enjoy food at Galuppi’s restaurant, one of Pompano Beach’s finest restaurants.

Since 2005, Galuppi’s has offered the best American cuisine and outdoor music entertainment for a complete dining experience. Our all-in-one event venue provides weekly events, nightly entertainment, and a tantalizing menu you can enjoy all year round.

Contact us at 954-785-0226 to learn more about our nightly specials, reserve our event hall, or ask about our live music schedule.


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