Your Guide To Frequently Asked Questions About Rehearsal Dinners


Planning a wedding is one of the most wonderful and exciting events of a lifetime, and it often comes with many questions along the way.  In accordance with long-standing traditions, there is an eagerly anticipated occasion known as the rehearsal dinner.  A rehearsal dinner is an excellent way to show your most important guests how much you appreciate them, either the night or the week before the wedding, depending on your timeline and wedding plans.

Generally, a rehearsal dinner is an event planned by the bridal couple specifically for the family, the bridal party, and those participating in the wedding ceremony.  In this guide, we’re answering some of the top questions we get asked about rehearsal dinners.

Who Is A Rehearsal Dinner For?

The guest list for your rehearsal dinner should be quite specific and limited to only certain people. Inviting the bridal party and other participants in the wedding ceremony (such as ring bearers, flower girls, etc.) is what’s usually done. Inviting immediate family members is also a sure way to show them you appreciate and honor them before your special day.

Plus-ones are usually a gray area and purely up to the bridal couple. You may choose to allow plus ones or not, it’s entirely your decision. It’s always pleasant for those who would prefer to attend with their plus one to have them invited.

What Traditionally Happens At A Rehearsal Dinner?

The length of a rehearsal dinner and the format of the event is unique to each couple; however, there are certain elements you might want to consider. It usually happens after a formal run-through of the wedding ceremony as a way to relax and wine and dine together before the wedding.

Depending on when your wedding is, you might choose to keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

You might choose to have a couple of special toasts by the parents of the bridal couple, and then it’s a great opportunity for the couple to thank everyone in attendance for their help. Another fun tradition is for the bridal couple to give the bridal party their thank-you gifts.

Do You Send Invitations Out For A Rehearsal Dinner?

Since the rehearsal dinner is a much more casual affair than the actual wedding day, invitations might not be a priority for some.

For others, an invitation might just tickle your fancy and create a sense of excitement. It is also a budget-dependent decision for the couple to make – if you’ve spent your wedding stationery budget on the actual wedding day, a simple message or email might do for the rehearsal dinner details.

Where To Host A Rehearsal Dinner?

Firstly, make your guest list and consider how many people you anticipate attending your rehearsal dinner. Once you have an idea of how many you’d like to seat, it will be easier to select an appropriate venue.

You might also choose a venue that holds a special place in your heart as a couple, such as a first date spot or a proposal spot, or anywhere else that carries sentimental value to you and your families.

We might be biased, but at Galuppi’s we really “get” the vibe of a rehearsal dinner. As a top-quality wedding venue, you can only expect the best service, all the right feels, wonderful food, and an excellent ambiance for your rehearsal dinner.

We understand that although a rehearsal dinner is more casual than a wedding, it’s still an extension of your special day. Browse our event packages and then give us a call to reserve your seats today at 954-785-0226. We look forward to hosting you soon!

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