Transform Your Baby Shower Venue with These Unique Themes

baby shower venue

Choosing your baby shower venue and theme is an exciting experience. There’s so much to consider and prepare, aside from planning everything needed to raise a new human being. Babies change life as we know it for the better. Celebrating the new arrival by hosting a creative and comforting baby shower at an unforgettable venue is the cherry on top of the cake.

Whether you’re planning your own shower or you’ve asked special friends and family members to plan for you instead, the baby shower themes explored in this article will give you a dose of much-needed inspiration!

At Galuppi’s, we’re all about hosting unique, personal, and intimate celebrations and events. That is why we value the process and planning that goes into hosting a memorable baby shower for a new mom. You’ll find our facilities equipped with everything you need, staffed with trained professionals who go out of their way to ensure everyone has a positive and fulfilling experience celebrating new life.


1. ‘Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice!’

This old saying is to describe what children are made of. What better theme is there than one that describes all the bits and pieces that make up a precious new life?

Get creative with sweet and savory dishes and finger foods on our menu to speak to the theme. Use pastel-colored napkins, balloons, and other décor items while incorporating spices that can be used for both sweet and savory, such as vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, a pinch of salt, and more.

2. African Safari Theme

Think about the big 5 animals in South Africa: the Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino and the African Buffalo. These animals are unique and represent an excellent safari theme for a baby shower!

Play around with baby animal characters and illustrations printed on napkins and other decor. Consider some of the animal prints such as the Leopard print. You could also tone it down by sticking to the safari colors of beige, khaki, and olive green.

3. Donuts And Diapers

Donuts are a fun, bright, and sweet theme for a gender-neutral baby shower. Gone are the traditional days of just blue and pink when you plan a donut-inspired shower to welcome a new baby!

Party stores will be stocked to the brim with donuts, sprinkles, and other themed decor items. Take a look at our menu for the pastries and sweet treats to give the day the flavor it deserves.

Diaper cakes have been trending over the past few years. You roll up a bunch of diapers and decorate the tiered ‘cake’ with various baby goodies that the new mom will take home at the end of the shower.

4. All-White Or All-Beige

Some moms are minimalist and prefer something more sleek, chic, and minimal. Whether you’re planning your own shower or planning for a friend, this theme is a classic and will never go out of style.

White and beige are easy, neutral colors to find in the stores, so decor won’t be difficult to find and put together. Get guests to dress in monochrome outfits, and make everything speak to the theme.

5. Some Bunny Is Having A Baby!

Bunnies are a wonderful theme for babies! They are fluffy, cuddly, and very cute. Moms across the board are loading their Pinterest collections with bunny-themed nurseries, decorations, and more.

For this theme, you can get creative with bunny ears on cupcakes, or bunny tails on the table in the form of pom poms. The list of bunny-themed decor and accessories available are endless. Use paw prints, and set the table with food the bunnies love: carrots, cucumbers with hummus boards, carrot cakes, and cupcakes as some examples. Ask our team for the menu, and get creative with how to lay it out.

6. Under The Sea

Sea creatures are a favorite for nurseries and baby showers of this time. As small children grow, they’ll encounter many books and toys made with an ‘under the sea’ theme in mind. It’s also a theme loved by school teachers, too!

Consider sea-inspired decor, jellyfish, seashells, and other beach snacks and seafood.

7. Garden Party

Think about anything you can find in the garden. This is a wonderful gender-neutral theme and could go any direction you choose. You could think of characters like Peter Rabbit and create a vegetable patch theme, or go the route of bunches of flowers, bird houses, and other greenery.

The nice thing about this theme is that Galuppi’s has an array of different venue spots to choose for your party. Set this baby shower up in the gardens to be right on theme for the celebration!

8. Winnie-The-Pooh Theme

A character loved by so many families for so many years! Winnie-the-Pooh is a classic children’s story with many adorable characters and themes.

Use reds and yellows to pay tribute to the bear while enjoying honey-themed food and decorations.

9. Noah’s Ark Baby Shower

Noah’s Ark may be a Bible story, but it’s also a classic story and a fun gender-neutral baby shower theme. The animals entered two-by-two, giving you the creative license to use any animals you choose! It’s a great theme to consider if a mom is pregnant with twins.

Consider the ark, too, and use different shades of beige and brown. Incorporate some wood and use the different colors of the animals represented.


The Perfect South Florida Baby Shower Venue

If you’re ready to plan an unforgettable baby shower, look no further than Galuppi’s in Pompano Beach for your venue. With recently renovated event spaces, you’ll find the warmth and celebration needed to host a memorable celebration of a new mom and baby.

Our staff are professional, passionate, and trained to pay attention to detail and make sure our guests have the best experience.

To save your baby shower date and start the prepping today, get in touch with our team at 954-785-0226 or [email protected].


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