How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

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When it comes down to your wedding day, one of the key elements is your wedding venue. Every wedding must have a venue. Even if you’re having an intimate wedding, your family and friends all need a place to celebrate your big day

The wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions in planning your wedding day. There are different key elements that you need to take into consideration before finalizing your choice of venue. Below are a few tips that could help you find the affordable wedding venue of your dreams

1. Meet With A Wedding Planner

Talking to a planner before you start looking for wedding venues is a good route to follow. They are far more aware and familiar with different venues. They can help you to visualize the decorations, lighting, linens, flowers, color themes, and even how many guests can be accommodated. Planners can come up with creative ways to make the venue the wedding venue of your dreams. They will also know which venues might not work for your vision

2. Have Your Guest List Planned Out

You should always plan your guest list before looking for wedding venues. Knowing how many guests are attending will save you time and stress when planning. Many couples pick venues that are too small for the number of guests, or they underestimate how many people they want to invite. Therefore, it’s vital to know the number of guests. It also helps with the breaking down of the budget you have since some venues’ prices depend on the number of guests

3. Pick A Wedding Venue That Suits You

An important thing to remember is that you must look for venues that align with the aesthetic you’ve decided on. Whether your wedding ideas are modern, rustic, indoor, or outdoor, it’s important that the venue you pick can incorporate the themes you want. Picking the correct wedding venue will make you and your partner feel connected to the venue

4. Budget

Your budget is a very important part of planning to remember. Some wedding venues will charge per person and some charge by the hour. You should take note of the full amount of the budget and make a list of flowers, decorations, food, cake, music, number of guests, and the venue. This will help you to calculate how much you need for all the aspects of your wedding. Doing this can also help you to prioritize certain items above others. If you go over your budget it can be a little tricky to get back under it

5. What Does The Wedding Venue Provide

Whether you’re wanting a full-service venue or a venue that lets you bring your vendors, make sure to get a price. Wedding venues that allow you to rent their own linens, tables, and chairs might cost a bit less than venues that include these items. Getting a quote from a rental company will help you to choose what you want. If you pick a venue that does its own catering, make sure to calculate the gratuity amount and tax into the total​​​​​​

6. Think About The Guest’s Experiences

When inviting guests that aren’t local, you need to look at wedding venues that are not too far from a hotel where they can stay. They should also be comfortable in the venue as well. Make sure the venue tells you how many guests they can comfortably accommodate. Find even more tips on what to look for in a wedding venue on our website.

Wedding Venues For You In South Florida

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