Don’t Skip Breakfast: How To Create The Most Important Meal Of The Day


Let’s face it: breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day. It gets your brain going and helps you start your day off right. A nutritious meal can help repair your blood sugar after a night’s sleep, which will give you the energy needed to have a productive day.  However, while breakfast foods can be delicious, not all of them are the best choice for a healthy start to the morning.

Here, we will help you learn how to create the best breakfast, Pompano Beach style, at Galuppi’s.


Omelets are a great way to get protein and some veggies first thing in the morning. Add your favorite cheese and an assortment of toppings, including mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, onions, spinach, avocado, and different meats, too.

If you’re not into omelets, you can order your eggs in your preferred way: over easy, sunny side up, scrambled, or poached.

Sides We Offer

If you’re looking for something lighter, consider ordering a side or two at Galuppi’s. We offer both vegetarian and non-veggie options for our customers. Try our home fries, hash browns, grits, fruit, ham, bacon, sausage, toast, corned beef hash, oatmeal, bagel, and cream cheese, or two eggs served on their own.

Carb Options

Jumpstart that energy with some carbs in the form of toast, oatmeal, or a bagel with cream cheese. Biscuits ‘n gravy or almond French toast are other popular options.

Vegetarian Options

We like to offer a wide range of menu options for all of our customers who do not consume meat. If you’re a vegetarian, try our signature avocado toast on white bread with pepper flakes, or our veggie Benedict: An English muffin with thick-cut tomato, spinach, and hollandaise sauce.


You will need something delicious to wash down your nutritious Pompano Beach breakfast. Choose from coffee, milk, tea, freshly squeezed orange juice, or grapefruit juice. If you are feeling bold, try a Bloody Mary, mimosa, or bellini.

Special Events At Galuppi’s

Whether it’s breakfast with your loved one or Happy Hour with colleagues, Galuppi’s offers great food and entertainment any day of the week. This includes weekly dinner specials for you to enjoy, such as bottomless tacos, fish fry Fridays, or a full rack of ribs dinner.

Happy Hour in Pompano Beach includes live acoustic music from Monday through Saturday. Our weekly free concerts are enjoyed alongside various specials, like 25% off wine, liquor, bottles & draft beer. Premium drinks are 25% off as well as our appetizers, like firecracker shrimp, crispy Brussels sprouts, or smoked Mahi dip.

Come experience the finer things in life with your favorite people. We can’t wait to see you!

Start Your Day With A Delicious Pompano Beach Breakfast

A balanced breakfast is an important part of living a healthy life. Providing your body with nutritious food helps you manage your weight, improves your mood, and jump-starts your metabolism, too. Make sure you’re prioritizing a healthy breakfast in your daily routine.

One simple way to achieve that is to visit Galuppi’s, a great breakfast and brunch spot in Pompano Beach. Our excellent food and crafted beverages are complemented by live music and gorgeous views of sunsets over a luxurious golf course.

Contact us by calling 954-785-0226 for any questions about our menu, special events, or private catering options.


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