Affordable Wedding Venues That Will Take Your Breath Away

affordable wedding venue

One of the most important aspects of your wedding is the venue. It’s one of the happiest days of your life, getting to marry your best friend surrounded by loved ones. Picking the best venue for you plays a large role in the vibe and theme of the whole celebration. Everyone’s idea of beauty is different, and that is why it’s important to pick the right one for you.

Does An Affordable Wedding Venue Mean A Compromise?

There are many wedding venues that don’t sacrifice personality, style, views, service, and atmosphere for affordability. Picking a more affordable wedding venue allows you to divide more funds into different areas of your wedding if needed.

There are certain parts, services, and packages made available for you to look at and compare. These will vary from venue to venue. Often, wedding venues can be more affordable by offering certain services and vendors to you that they frequently partner with themselves.

Below are a few ways a wedding venue can be affordable:

Differing Packages, Offers, And Services

Packages from wedding venues can be very different from one to the next. It’s important to know what the venue has included in each package, so you are able to compare and make an informed decision. Wedding venues can be more affordable by including different things in their packages such as:

  1. Cutlery and dishes – make sure you’re happy with the style.
  2. Chairs and tables – does this include tablecloths, chair covers, and centerpieces?
  3. Room Décor – is the room already decorated (elegant lighting, decorative plants/flowers).
  4. Caterers or buffet-style service – do they supply bar staff and waiters?
  5. Extra fees – there might be a gratuity, service charges, or even corkage that might be included.
  6. Liability insurance – the venue might have insurance.

If these are not included, then you will need to consider these extra costs in your budget.

They Partner With Trustworthy Vendors

Some wedding venues will partner with certain vendors to be able to provide you with everything you need for your big day.

Vendors include florists, videographers, DJs, hotels, limousines or car services, and photographers. Most wedding venues will have good working relationships with their preferred vendors spanning multiple years​​​​​​.

Stick To Your Budget

A general guideline for planning your wedding is to ensure that the combined expenses for catering and venue hire do not exceed 50% of your full wedding budget.

However, if you decide to book a venue that you absolutely love and it ends up consuming more than half of your budget, then you may have to consider eliminating certain elements of your wedding to balance out the expenses.

South Florida Affordable Wedding Venue

Venues that are affordable are often breathtaking, such as Galuppi’s. Our property has a wide array of photogenic spots to capture the perfect picture that include beautiful backdrops, majestic trees, and bridges. Our outdoor spaces boast views of gardens, lakes, the rolling hills of the golf course, and incredible sunsets.

Just because you’re looking for an affordable wedding venue, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the scenery, quality, and level of services.  At Galuppi’s our exquisite event venue can accommodate from 50 to 300 guests with ease.

If you would like to tour our venue, learn more about our packages, or if you simply have questions. Don’t hesitate to call us at 954-785-0226 or visit our Weddings & Events page.


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