With so much talk about climate change, it seems like more and more brides are grooms are concerned with sustainability. That’s why going green is a hot wedding trend in 2020. From how guests travel to destination weddings to the various types of honeymoons that newlyweds embark on, couples are focused on making this planet cleaner. Here are our top tips for throwing a South Florida Sustainable Wedding.

Green Stationery and Gifts

Local wedding planner Betina from Busy Bees Weddings & Events shares that some of her clients have used seed paper that they can plant back into the earth. Couples can use this paper for table cards, wedding invitations, and programs.  Additionally, you can use an online invitation website to confirm your wedding guests. Online invites can help you save money and cut back on waste. 

Sustainable wedding ideas Fort Lauderdale South Florida

Kelly from The Laudy Daudy gets a lot of requests for gift ideas that feature local products from Fort Lauderdale. She shares:

Yes, I have always seen customers looking for great green products.   I think living in Fort Lauderdale, many of our neighbors want to keep our beaches and waterways beautiful and pristine.  This is why so many people visit us. We sell so many glitter wine tumblers. They are cute, functional and good for the Earth.  You can’t ask for anything better. It’s great to see customers loving local products that also are green.  

We have bamboo straws from Briut Essentials.  They are eco-friendly, durable and so much better than the paper straws you get in the bars and restaurants in Fort Lauderdale.  They are light to carry with you and easy to clean.  

Fort Lauderdale GiftsSunscreen is a necessity in sunny Fort Lauderdale and keeping our reefs safe as well as our skin is a must.  We carry Cocktail Bar’s reef-safe sunscreen stick, it does not contain oxybenzone or octinoxate, which can be harmful to our reefs and aquatic life.  Easy enough to throw in your bag for easy access anytime.

Beauty products are always a favorite item to have in the Laudy Daudy boxes.  One of our favorite body scrubs is by EnSoul Flow. Ingredients are locally sourced, like coconut oil and bottled in glass jars.  Besides smelling amazing it makes your skin silky soft.

Since our main focus is to showcase the amazing products made in the Fort Lauderdale area you do not have to worry about shipping products from all over making the carbon footprint smaller all while enjoying the best of what Fort Lauderdale makes.


How can you decorate sustainably?

Choosing a wedding venue is usually the leading wedding planning activity that couples want to check off.  A great way to cut down on energy is to get married outdoors. An outdoor wedding can help you save on decor and pollute less. This is why brides at Galuppi’s love our outdoor area ceremony. It oversees the golf course and lake, which is a rare find here in South Florida. Visit our wedding page to learn more about our wedding packages and prices. 






















One way to have an eco-friendly wedding is to not use foam in your floral arrangements and centerpieces. According to Green Wedding Shoes Blog: Floral foam contains a ton of chemicals, and most of the time is not biodegradable (and even if it is, there are still toxic chemicals in its waste). You can decide to donate your flowers to a nursing home after your wedding. Some couples use potted plants only where they can give out to wedding guests after.

Wedding Rentals

There are some fantastic rental companies in South Florida. Rentals are a fabulous green wedding idea because of how the pieces can be recycled and reused. Rental companies can add a special touch to personalizing your wedding.

Wedding Favors

Do people really keep wedding favors these days? Save yourself some money as well as some trees and brainstorm a few out of the box ideas. For example, ask for a donation instead or offer an eco-friendly option as seeds guests can plant. If you are planning to have a goodie bag for your guests, consider using a reusable organic tote.

Bridesmaid dresses and Wedding Dresses

Renting wedding dresses is quite common in other countries, and it looks like it is becoming a trend here in the US as well, especially with bridesmaid dresses. This can help your bridal party save and look stylish.


If you are planning a destination wedding in South Florida, you probably will have a lot of out of town guests. One great idea is to have them use carpool or Lyft. You can even set up a unique discount code for your guests, and using an electric car ride would be even better.

Overall being more earth-conscious during your South Florida Wedding Planning can help you save money, time, and help make this earth a better place.