Thank you for Reserving. You’re all set. We cant’s wait to see you!

We respectfully request that the entire party be present before seating. We are only able to hold a table for 20 minutes past the reservation time.

Please note our cancellation policy: We request that all parties must cancel or change party size no later than 24 hours prior to the time of the scheduled reservation. Cancellation can be done in person or by phone. If a party fails to cancel their reservation or notify of any changes to the party size at least 4 hours in advance, a fee of $50 per 5 people* will be charged to the card provided. This is the only situation in which we will charge this card.

Note: Charges may appear on your bank statement as GLR Group. No refunds, credits or other forms of currency will be provided in place of the cancellation fee should the party fail to cancel within the 4-hour window. All sales are final.

*Parties up to 5 will be charged $50 for no show, parties of 6-10 will be charged $100 for no show, parties of 11-15 will be charged $150 for no show, etc.