Make Your Retirement Party Memorable With These Fun Games


Retiring is an exciting and momentous occasion in your life (despite being sad for the remaining employees to lose a colleague). After years of hard work, an elaborate send-off is well deserved. Looking for some fun retirement party ideas to celebrate someone at your workplace? The staff at Galuppi’s have a few suggestions to recognize and say goodbye to your colleague in style.

Retirement Party Ideas

One last get-together is just the thing to say goodbye to a co-worker who has not only served the company well but has become a special friend over the years. What better way to express your feelings than to host an event with fun games and good food? Share some of these ideas with your coworkers:

Retiree Trivia

A personalized trivia quiz is a fun way to show how much you know the retiree. It’s also a way for newer staff members to learn a bit more about the person who is about to be leaving. Have someone put together a list of questions that relate to the retiree’s personality and habits at work, such as:

  • What color is Sharon’s favorite coffee mug?
  • How long has Jim worked with the company?
  • What was Ellen’s first job?
  • What are John’s favorite break room snacks?
  • What’s one office pet peeve that Mary has?
  • How many ties does Robert own?

You may want to survey several colleagues for question ideas since different people may know different things about the retiree. The player who gets the most questions right is the winner (make sure to have prizes!).

Cocktail Hour

Retirement parties can be bittersweet occasions. You’re saying goodbye while also celebrating a co-worker’s achievements. Therefore, it’s a perfect occasion to pop some champagne – or offer other fun beverages not generally allowed during work hours! A venue with a bar is a great place to offer cocktails (or non-alcoholic “mocktails”) for your work staff. At Galuppi’s, we recommend strawberry lemonade with vodka, chocolate martinis, sangrias, margaritas, and much more (don’t forget to include a toast)!

Tribute Time

While you have everyone’s attention during toasts, you may want to offer the floor to coworkers to share funny, memorable stories about the retiree. You can do this informally, with people walking up to a microphone open-mic style, or go around the room and have each employee share a memory or two. Additional tribute ideas may include:

  • A slideshow of pictures or videos of the retiree’s time working with the company
  • A video of employees sharing their thoughts and memories of their beloved colleague
  • A personalized card (or something else that can be signed) from everyone at the office

Get creative with this part: there’s no shortage of ideas to show someone just how much you appreciate them. A personalized keepsake that the retiree can take home and look at fondly is always a great idea.

Photo Booth

Speaking of personalized keepsakes, pictures are forever! Have a photo booth (complete with fun dress-up items) for people to take goofy pictures that can be printed at the party. These make for fun desktop decorations or can go on the fridge with a magnet.

Retirement Parties At Galuppi’s In Pompano Beach

Saying goodbye to a beloved colleague can be hard but a proper send-off can make it easier for everyone. At Galuppi’s in Pompano Beach, we offer a variety of event packages for your special occasion, complete with lists of preferred vendors in the South Florida area.

Call today at 954-785-0226 to find out more information about hosting your retirement party at Galuppi’s.

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