The fall months have become very popular for weddings. In fact, according to Zola, for the first time, 40% of all weddings took place in the fall. Its popularity stems from gorgeous foliage and pretty, bold colors of fall. Regardless if you live in sunny South Florida as we do, or in the Northeast, a fall-inspired theme is a great way to have a beautiful cost-friendly wedding. Here are our top tips for planning an affordable fall wedding.

Planning Your Affordable Fall Wedding

Before you start planning your fall wedding, we recommend that you choose a color scheme. This theme will help guide all the purchasing decisions you will need to make and help you save time. We recommend that you do some research on Pinterest and look up fall wedding mood boards. Sort through and choose some color combos and save it to Pinterest or a website like Canva. The best part is that it’s free to create a mood board or save some pins; it just requires some time to sort through and decide.

Fall wedding mood board

Some popular fall wedding colors that never go out of style are:

  • Burgundy and gold
  • Navy blue and gold
  • Orange, brown and white
  • Navy and greenery
  • Navy, dusty blue and burgundy
  • Orange, mustard, and brown

Once you have your colors, now it’s time to choose some decor elements. Here are some budget-friendly ideas to help you fall in love with fall weddings even more.

Fall Inspired Wedding Decor Ideas

White Pumpkins. White pumpkins are a terrific add on to any wedding decor because they are versatile and match any color scheme. They also add a more sophisticated touch. You can get creative and do a DIY card like this great idea by Somethingturquoise.

white pumpkin card holder for weddings













We love this idea by Bridal Bliss where they placed some white pumpkins in the ceremony area and added white frames. Elegant, budget-friendly and easy to do.

white frames for wedding ceremony fall weddings



Event Design by Bridal Bliss, Photo by Steele Photo





















You can even add white pumpkins to your centerpieces.



















Floral Design by Decoration Inc, Photo by Heather Nan Photography

Sunflowers are a big hit for fall weddings because they match the many autumn color schemes and play on the harvest feel. They can be used in centerpieces, ceremony decor, and even wedding bouquets. Sunflowers are also more affordable and accessible than some other flowers during the fall months. 

sunflowers and pumpkin center pieces










Candles, Fall Leaves, and Pumpkins

The dollar store can be a great treasure for finding clear vases, candles, mason jars, and even sunflowers. It can be hard to find large quantities of items, so get your bridal party to help you hunt at a store near them. You can also find a lot of exceptional items on Amazon. Then you can DIY your own centerpiece or purchase smaller centerpieces and add decor touches, so the table doesn’t look empty. You can even glue a maple leave on a mason jar or just add a floating candle with some leaves inside a larger jar.

dollar store fall items for weddings


Regular pumpkins can also be great for your fall wedding design.

Pumpkin center piece ideas for fall weddings

Go Rustic

Fall weddings pair very well with a rustic wedding feel. Using more natural elements will help you save on your wedding budget. You can technically get married outdoors and not have to buy a lot of decorations or spend hundreds or thousands of flowers.

If you love to decorate your house for the fall, then you may have mums and outdoor fall decor items that you can repurpose for your outdoor wedding ceremony. This can help lower your wedding costs while adding a nice rustic touch.

Smores & Apple Cider station

Smores can be the perfect fall wedding favor for your guests or you can serve it in an outdoor area during your reception. You should also add an apple cider station. Can you have a fall wedding without smores and apple cider? We think not.

amores station at wedding - fall











Photo via Pinterest







Overall, fall has many decor elements that can easily be used for wedding decorations and design. Adding a fall theme can help your guests feel like they are in a rustic wedding scene and for a brief moment, feel like the season has indeed changed. In addition, it can help you get creative and cut down costs.

Bonus Fall Wedding Planning Tip

If you are getting married in 2020, then you can wait for the fall items to go on sale and buy it in advance before your wedding next year. Some fantastic stores for DIY fall wedding ideas are Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Joanne’s. They always offer coupons online, so make sure you find some before you go. You can also ask some friends for them to print coupons so you can take advantage of more deals. Do you have more fall wedding ideas? Leave a comment below.