According to The Wedding Report, there were 169,578 couples that got married in the state of Florida in 2018, making Florida one of the top 10 states where people get married. South Florida is a popular destination wedding location due to the beautiful backdrops, warm weather and diverse wedding locations. Additionally, it is also a very accessible place to travel to and from. Last, but not least, one doesn’t even have to leave the state to have a great honeymoon. If you are planning to get married in South Florida, check out our five tips.

# 1. Choose the Time of Year Wisely

South Florida is a beautiful place to wed at,  but it does have a unique season format. In the summer it can be too hot and during early fall, hurricane season can be a concern. Consider what is most important to you and what is the best time of year for that. At Galuppi’s we have weddings all year long but do book up fast for weddings between October- April, which is our peak season here in Pompano Beach. Other wedding professionals think that March-May is the best times to get married in South Florida. It is best to research other weddings online and see what time of year they took place. Secondly, if you are from out of state, ask local residents, and get involved in Facebook Groups.

Pompano Beach Wedding - Golf Club

Photo by Rosina DiBello Photography

#2. Choose Your Venue Location

South Florida has many wedding venue options to choose from, therefore keep location in mind. Miami is beautiful but typically has crazy traffic. Furthermore, wedding venues in Miami do cost a lot more than in other areas. If you have out of town guests, you may want your guests to stay closer to Fort Lauderdale Airport or the Miami airport.

On the other hand, you may want your wedding venue, not so close to the noisy airport.  The venue typically makes up for about 45% of the budget so the budget will be a factor when choosing your South Florida wedding venue. If you have a lower budget, then look for wedding venues with all-inclusive and wedding buffet packages. Check out more budget-saving tips with our blog post, How to Have a Budget But Beautiful wedding.

Bonus Tip. Make sure you check the local calendar of events. South Florida is a hub for concerts, art shows, and festivals so this can bring up hotel rates, that is why it is a good idea to avoid planning a wedding during a busy local event.

#3. Florida Marriage Licenses 

You can obtain your marriage license at any county clerk, and it costs $93.50 but can be reduced to $6.00 if the couple completes a state-approved premarital prep course.  The license is good for 60 days, and can you usually pay by cash, credit, or personal check. You don’t need witnesses in Florida, but both the bride and groom need to be present to obtain the license. As soon as you get the license, a ceremony can be performed anywhere in the state.

According to 

“To obtain a marriage license, U.S citizens must provide their social security numbers and photo identification, such as driver’s licenses or state identification card. International visitors must bring passports, or naturalization or immigration numbers. Certain counties ask international visitors to provide a translator, if necessary.”

Also, people who have been married previously must provide the date of divorce, annulment or spouse’s death.

Rustic Wedding Venue Pompano Beach Florida


#4. Choose Your Wedding Theme

Wedding themes are a great way to have an overall defined look for your wedding decor. This will help guide you with colors and knowing what to buy for your wedding ceremony and reception.  If you are getting married in South Florida, then you may want to consider adding some local South Florida touches. You can add cute name cards representing different spots that are well known or important to you both.

If your wedding is a destination theme, consider adding the following items in your guest’s goodie bags:

  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Gum
  • Craft local Beer
  • Florida Candle
  • Or other local knick-knacks

butterfly wedding theme


#5. Have some Local South Florida Fun

South Florida is a great area to entertain guests and have some pre or post-wedding fun. You can also participate in local activities like themed bar-crawls, water-taxi, or visit iconic locations like Wynwood Walls. Here are Galuppi’s we host many live music events, have happy hour specials and of course wedding packages. Check out our wedding photo gallery for some inspiration.

If you need further assistance planning your wedding, call our wedding coordinator today. 954-785-0226